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LinkedIn is the de-facto professional networking platform today. With over 330,000,000 members worldwide, 94% of recruiter globally use it to hire their next candidate. Having a profile on LinkedIn is only the first important step. If left un-optimized, it will actually help your competitors snatch that dream job away from you. As seasoned LinkedIn super-users with deep knowledge gained from 10 years of extensive hands-on experience, we can dramatically shorten your learning journey as well as give you a significant advantage in the job market. Click LinkedIn Career Essentials for more information.

Your academic achievements & your career successes to-date has little or no bearing on any ongoing job search activities. They are two separate skill sets. In that 18-22 years of education that you have undergone; besides the occasional seminar on resume & cover letter writing, how to dress for an interview or being told to memorize answers to expected interview questions; there is no real-life training and guidance on how to really manage your job search. As recruiting veterans, we have seen excellent candidates fail due to ignorance or plain indifference. The 7 Steps To Higher Ground program provides you with clear directions, deep insights and reveals all the pitfalls & obstacles that you need to navigate around.

Indigo Drey & Associates Pte Ltd is the registered company. The Candidate School is the training arm within Indigo Drey.

Ben Teh is a principal trainer and company director. He has over 25 years working experience of which 15 are in recruiting. He has worked on the agency side for global agencies as well as managed corporate recruiting for household names like Autodesk, eBay, Levi Strauss and BlackBerry. In his last role, he was the recruitment director for a US listed MNC in the business intelligence space. He was managing the recruiting for Asia Pacific + Japan, Europe, Middle East & Africa. An experienced professional recruiter and trainer, he is also a twice certified LinkedIn expert (Certified LinkedIn Recruiter Expert & LinkedIn Certified Professional). He belongs to a select group of members who have exceeded the 30,000 connections limits. He was also ranked globally top 3 in the LinkedIn Q&A forum.

Francis Chng is a principal trainer and company director. With more then 10 years recruiting experience under his belt, he is a partner of a leading recruiting agency with a remit extending across Asia Pacific. An established agency recruiting professional, he brings strong coaching skills and in-depth agency experience. Francis has an MBA from the University of Strathclyde, UK. He is an adjunct lecturer with Strathclyde and is a certified NLP practioner by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP).

Yes we do, but only for pre-arranged classes. Our typical class schedules are either a full day or 2 consecutive evenings for the 7 Steps To Hire Ground and 1 half day (morning or afternoon) or evening for the LinkedIn Career Essentials program.

As our classes are generally in the evenings, we have arranged the training facility to be within the central business district & near an MRT for your convenience. On occasions when our class attendance gets too large, we will arrange for larger premises outside of the CBD but this will be detailed in the program in advance.

Yes we do. We do encourage using Paypal as it is the safest mode of payment and we want to ensure your security. If you prefer to use your credit or debit card, please click on “Proceed to Pay” even though only Paypal is selected. You will be given the option to enter your credit/ debit card details in the following page.

As recruiting professionals in both agency & corporate recruiting, we offer real life commercial experiences, not an off the shelf training program. Our 7 Steps To Hire Ground & LinkedIn Career Essentials training course was developed from the ground up based on more than 25 years recruiting experience using the lessons we have learnt ourselves interacting with many tens of thousands of candidates. We are recruiting leaders as well as candidates ourselves.

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