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LinkedIn is the benchmark in professional networking. 94% of recruiters globally use it. Shouldn't you?

Link to the world, Link to the recruiter. Link to your next job.


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  • 20 per class max. 2 x 4 hourly sessions available to choose from. Afternoon or evening.


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  1. Do you feel unappreciated, underpaid and overworked?

  2. Do you feel like your career is going round and round in circles?

  3. Have you outgrown your job but there are no internal opportunities for growth?

  4. Is your current job meaningless?

  5. Have you been skipped over for a promotion….again?

  6. Do you work with a “challenging” boss?

  7. Do you work with negative, unfriendly or just plain hostile co-workers?

  8. Are you accepting job offers that are not ideal because you have no other choices?

  9. Do you feel worried if you will still have a job tomorrow, next week, next month?

  10. Are your annual bonuses shrinking?

  11. Are you sending out resume after resume with no results?

  12. Is your company struggling to stay open?

  13. Has you life circumstances changed and you need to step up? Recently married? A new home? A family addition?


  1. That you are just one of 467,000,000 members. (as of Oct 2016)

  2. That your un-optimized LinkedIn profile is actually helping your competition snatch that dream job from you?

  3. That just having a LinkedIn profile does little to help you in your job search?

  4. That some of the rules in LinkedIn can disadvantage you tremendously?

  5. That there are several hundred thousand recruiters on LinkedIn?

  6. That 44,000 job applications are submitted through LinkedIn alone, EVERYDAY?

  7. That 94% of recruiters worldwide use LinkedIn to hire their next employee?

  8. That 92% of fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn’s corporate talent solutions as a platform to source for candidates.


  1. How to build a powerful magnetic profile that will attract the attention of recruiters worldwide!!

  2. How to get to the top of a recruiter’s search list!!

  3. How to proactively reach out to decision makers and recruiters!!

  4. How to stand out from your competitors and get towards that job!!

  5. How to accelerate the growth of your network to tap its full power!!

  6. How to use it to network with decision makers that impact your career!!

  7. How to tap into the hidden job market (Up to 30% of vacancies are not posted)!!

  8. Every tip & trick in the book to make you the preferred candidate. Many are undocumented, carefully hidden or wrongly used!!


  • The course provided very useful insights to LinkedIn users who have an account but are not utilizing the full potential of it. Tips & tricks of what is important to beginners as well as intermediate users are plentifully shared by the 2 pro trainers. As an IT professional myself, I thought I understood the power of LinkedIn but what I have learnt put me to shame on where I can even better my current understanding. (Regional IT Services Manager – Engineering Software)

  • I have not been a great fan of LinkedIn and undervalued its importance until after attending Ben’s class. Needless to say I had few headhunters calling me in the past. A few magical tweaks and I have been constantly ranked the Top in the group among my peers and the calls are coming in. But for me the icing on the cake, is the extra mile that Ben goes in guiding me in this “come and get me” job hunting strategy. Every step is measured, every word is weighed and everything is planned to the finite detail.

    Worth every cent when you start receiving the calls. (Regional Sales Director – IT Software MNC) 

  • The LinkedIn Career Essentials program provided a different perspective on how to maximize the use of LinkedIn in job searching, as well as useful tips on various LinkedIn rules and functions. It’s an interesting course jammed packed with information, and the 4 hours will fly by. (Marketing Manager – Telecommunications)

  • I had the privilege of being one of the first to attend Ben’s training and the first thing that blew me away was the revelation, awe and surprise at the sheer no-holds barred, insider glimpse behind how to actually make LinkedIn a personal instrument and tool. You will learn things that you will never learn anywhere else, tips and tricks that LinkedIn doesn’t want you to know. as Ben shares and compresses years of hands on experience, experiments and condenses it into your hand. (Senior Director – Consumer Electronics)

  • Excellent training by Ben that gives a comprehensive understanding and how to leverage on LinkedIn to maximize your personal branding, differentiate yourself and get noticed by recruiters.  If you want to be noticed, this course is a game changer. Learn from the best in class in the recruitment industry. (Regional IT Audit Head – Oil & Energy)

  • I attended the LinkedIn Career Essentials course conducted by The Candidate School recently. I already have a profile on LinkedIn but that was it. At the training, I discovered that there was so much more I didn’t know. I learnt that my profile was actually helping my competitors as well. The techniques taught were very helpful, practical and up-to-date, allowing professionals like myself to maximize career opportunities. If you are on a job search (like me presently), I highly recommend this course to anyone. (IT Service & Security Engineer – IT & Telecommunications)

  • I had an opportunity to learn from Ben about the key strategies & tactics needed to build my career and navigate the entire hiring process. What I gleaned from him couldn’t be found in books. There are no short cuts though, one still has to work hard and make the effort to build up the network. Using what I learnt, I quickly secured an interview, aced it and negotiated a 33% increase in my annual salary. I definitely benefitted from my time with him. (Product Manager – Oil & Energy)

  • I attended your LinkedIn training and found it to be very comprehensive and in-depth. It showed me how to really harness the full potential of LinkedIn. There was a lot of “inside info” that isn’t easily available without putting in the time and effort that Ben has put in to get to the level where he is now. I had a thoroughly enjoyable & fruitful time. Job Well Done! (Sr Sales Executive – Aviation & Aerospace)

  • I attended Ben’s LinkedIn Career Essentials workshop and found it to be very useful indeed. I never knew there was so much more to LinkedIn than what we normally see. I would recommend all professionals who seek the extra edge to attend the programme. (SEA HR Director – Transport)

  • To everyone in the job market, whether you are fresh out of school or a 50 year old PMET, I strongly recommend you attend Ben’s LinkedIn Career Essentials workshop. You will learn how to harness the full potential of LinkedIn to improve your profile and market yourself on a 24×7 basis on the world’s largest professional-social network. If you follow his advice and program diligently, you will build a profile that attracts the attention of recruiters globally, a critical but often overlooked step in your job search. Ben will impart his knowledge and experience gained from a decade of use of LinkedIn as both an in-house corporate recruiting leader as as an executive search recruiter with noted MNCs. (SME Business Owner)

  • This was possibly the most awesome class that I have attended in the past few years – the untold story about LinkedIn and I thought I knew much about it before the class. Ben is a great trainer, convincing and inspiring. A lot of people tag themselves as experts but they rarely turn out to be true. That’s my perception when I read about such experts these days. Ben is one of the real ones. I enjoyed the class very much, I now know that it’s crucial to present myself in an appropriate and effective way. You never know when you need an opportunity to come knocking. Highly recommended. (APAC HR Director – Information Technology)

  • I know LinkedIn, at least I thought I did until I met Ben. I benefited tremendously from his vast recruitment & LinkedIn knowledge. He goes out of his way to help me get prepared for interviews. Highly recommended, you won’t regret it.”                 (Procurement Manager – Medical)

  • I’ve been using LinkedIn since they started and I thought I knew everything. Well, Ben showed me I was dead wrong. I’d recommend the class for everyone who’s serious about their career, whether they are in a job search or planning for a rainy day. (APAC Sales Director – IT Software)

  • From a skeptic to an evangelist. With the methodology provided, I have top notch recruiters knocking on my door. Best of all, the after service rendered by the team was fantastic. The unwavering attention given was first class with a serious intent in helping me.” – (Channel Sales Director -IT)

  • His grasp of the world’s largest professional social media network goes way deeper than even the most seasoned recruiter can match.” – (MD – Global Search Firm)

  • Opened up a whole new world to the power of LinkedIn. Whether you’re looking for a job, checking the job market or trying to map your career, this program does it and more. Highly recommended” – (VP – Semicond)

  • To say it works it a gross understatement. I have received overwhelming & happy results. Thank you!” – (InfoSec Manager)

  • As a regular LinkedIn user & an ex-recruiter myself, I thought I knew LinkedIn. And then I met Ben. It became clear I was still stuck using outdated strategies. His advice is imminently practical & effective. Ben was an excellent guide in showing me a better way. – (Marcom Director – Property)


  1. The trainer is a pioneer LinkedIn member since 2004.

  2. A Certified LinkedIn Recruiting Expert and a LinkedIn Certified Professional.

  3. Globally ranked the top 3 in the LinkedIn Experts forum (Hosted by LinkedIn Inc).

  4. Has more than 30,000 direct connections and 60,000 followers with a total network exceeding 40,000,000 worldwide.

  5. A veteran with over 15 years experience recruiting for leading organizations like Autodesk, BlackBerry, Levi Strauss, Qlik & eBay.

  6. Nine of his last 10 jobs were LinkedIn assisted.

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